This is a replica of the DC-board post form. It will give you access to auto-wrapping of DC-board code, and also preview of your post as you write. You may also use the text tools above to help you write your post. When you're done, click Select text and paste into the post form at the board where you are debating.


Click Select text and do Crtl-C to copy, then Crtl-V to paste in the writing form where you are debating.

To use:
If you select text and click a grey button or use the font dropdown, the text will be wrapped in the code you chose. The blue buttons just puts code to the form at cursor, or end of form if cursor not set.
If you paste only the url in the link-field (and not the text for the link), then click Add link, it will add the link at cursor in textarea or at the end of the text.
If you mark a word and the click Add link, that word will become the link text. You don't have to remove the http:// if you paste a link in the url field, it's done automatically.
If you just click the code-button, the code will appear empty at the cursor or at the end of the textarea.
Note that when the page loads first time, you need to put the cursor in it to initiate the script.