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AnoChat v. 1.1 released
AnoChat is an opensource 3DES-encrypted chat where users encrypt their messages before submit with a common known phrase, using javascript. The server does not know the key, so this is end-to-end encryption where the key is never submitted.

This is the release article for version 1.1 and covers the upgrades done. To read more about the install procedure and general use of this chat, see this article.
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Bug fix:
Download the AnoChat version 1.1.1:

AnoChat version 1.1.1 (mlk)
MD5 verification: 5f062c74a4d32ad7a9eb03a002bce43a

Read more about the encryption process and general functionality in the AnoChat release article:
AnoChat v. 1.0 released

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The most important upgrades are listed here:

Improved security
The code for sending is now produced by doing md5 thrice on the code phrase. This is to match the AnoBBS encryption routines, where the single md5 is the content encryption key K1 while the double md5 is the encryption key K2, used for authentication encryption. K2 is not used in AnoChat.

The search form and return is now being encrypted by PHP before it is sent to the browser. The key for encryption is public and transmitted but this will serve as an extra obfuscation layer.

The search field uses a so-called nonce to avoid autocompletion, and this also serves as an extra obfuscation for the adversary.

Improved functionality, users
tn_anochat_chaturl.jpgThe starter of the chat can now send an url with the proper code to his co-chatters, which when opened in a browser window will return the skin row ready to click.

The url will have the format

When logging into the chat window as first user, focus is set in the Set topic field automatically after login, so you save one click.

Improved functionality, admin

The chat now uses language files, so it is possible to translate the boilerplate texts to your own language.

tn_anochat_return_all.jpgThe config.php now has more options, and the admin can set type of return on search: Thumbs, as links and as a dropdown. Or he can lock the chat return to return only one skin, return comes as a thumb or as a link.

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